Pablo table collection

for AuCap

The diversity of the Brazilian forests (the Amazon, the Atlantic, the Cerrado etc.) - and thus of the wood species - is widely known. But there is another type of diversity hidden underground: stones.” Among more than 100 types of stones found in Brazil, this special edition created by Leo Di Caprio chose 8 stones: Aqua, Azul Macaubas, Elegant Brown, Emerald Quartzite, Lumix and Spiderman. The intersection of the oval plans, vertical and horizontal, at times seen edgeways or in frontal view in their full volume, evoke the rich forest of shadows and merged colours, like the pastel blue veins of the semiprecious quartzite Azul Macaubas and the moon pure quartz, crossed by orange and coral veins. The beauty of the stone and the primitive forms provide a sense of new, sophisticated elegance to the tables, “link” between the plant and mineral worlds, precious and mystical.